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7 Language Arts: Competitive Sports Research

Use this guide for grade 7 language arts.

Assignment Information

Using the different strategies we have learned in class, you will compose a more focused and nuanced argument. You will form a coalition group and tackle a subtopic related to the larger issue of competitive sports. You will research the subtopic and write an informed piece to make your argument.

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Subtopics of Competitive Sports

Benefit of Sports
Competitive youth sports

Five major benefits of playing high school sports

Choosing the right sport for you

Teaching good sportsmanship

Understanding competition versus cooperation in youth sports

Basketball program helps boys believe in themselves, and behave better
Research says exercise works out the brain as well as the body

The rise of eSports in higher education

The benefits of high school eSports

VIDEO: Video gaming (eSports): the next high school sport?

VIDEO: How playing sports benefits your body

College athletes under pressure

The Rising Cost of School Sports is Keeping More Kids Off the Team

Basketball Goes Super Competitive with Younger Players
Handling sports pressure and competition (audio available)

Healthy body image

Changing the game in youth sports

Athletes face boredom (and) overtraining

Basketball goes super competitive with younger players

With e-sports on the rise, "real" sports need to up their game

Pay to Play/Costs of sports

High Cost of Youth Sports
Should college athletes be allowed to form a union?
Economists recommend paying college athletes
Point/Counterpoint: Paying College Athletes
NCAA talks realignment, paying athletes
Let’s Not Pay College Athletes
The myth of parity
Should the NCAA pay college athletes?
It’s Time to Pay College Athletes

Rising cost of school sports is keeping more kids off the team

U.S. soccer group's project brings game to inner-city kids in Chicago

eSports: The new path to an athletic scholarship

eSports go to college

VIDEO: eSports in high schools?

FAQs about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Sports Injury Statistics
Concussion program for high school athletes work
When is it safe to let kids play tackle football?
Teen girls have more sports related knee injuries
1.35 million youths a year have serious sports injuries 
Schools try to stop serious sports injuries

NFL and NCAA pledge millions to study head trauma in young athletes
Youth sports statistics
Sport statistics 2007-2010
Cheer safe stats
Injury data 
States take aim at heat stroke, other serious high school sports injuries
Sports related eye injuries are most common among kids

Sports concussion symptoms may last longer in girls than boys

A grave risk for young athletes

Extreme sports

Sprains and strains: What's the difference?

Playing in the heat

Traumatic brain injury

For teens, when is it safe to play again after a concussion?

States take aim at heat stroke, other serious high school sports injuries

Concussion program for high school athletes works

New helmet hopes to better protect players from concussions (for professional NFL players, but could be applied to student athletes)

High school in Jersey is latest to drop football team

The epidemic that's ruining youth sports

Sports injury statistics

VIDEO: Overuse injuries in teen sports

VIDEO: Cracking down on concussions

Tryouts for 8-year-olds, really?

Cutting in Sports​
No cut rule 

To cut or not to cut

Big team, bigger picture (audio available)

Let everyone play (audio available)

No cut policies (audio available)

Michael Jordan didn't make varsity - at first

Should youth sports leagues be organized by age, size or skill level?

Splitting school PE lessons by gender 'damages girls'
New report highlights gender equity gap in high school sports​
Julia Run
Erin DiMeglio 
Teaching Tolerance
Where girls are missing out on  High-School sports

Reasons for gender differences in youth sport
Tackling inequality in sports

Equality in sports

Girl wrestler: Title IX

Why can't girls play baseball?

Athletic girls more likely to have knee injuries

Play ball! Little League World Series stars two girls

More girls playing high school baseball

VIDEO: Equality, Sports and Title IX

History of performance enhancing drugs in sports
The future of cheating in sports

NCAA Student-athlete substance use study

Doping rises among high schoolers, but few districts test

Alcohol and college athletes

Alcohol awareness

Rates of excessive drinking falling

High school athletes using smokeless tobacco

Use of smokeless tobacco

School based programs to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol

Young athletes use fewer drugs, but more alcohol

Are athletes getting better?
VIDEO: Are athletes getting faster, better, stronger? 

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