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7 Language Arts: Competitive Sports Research

Use this guide for grade 7 language arts.

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Sources for research

Benefit of Sports
Competitive youth sports
Concussion program for high school athletes works

For Children in Sports, a Breaking Point​
For children, pressure vs. fun in sports is balancing act

The Rising Cost of School Sports is Keeping More Kids Off the Team

Basketball Goes Super Competitive with Younger Players
Facts for Families: Children and Sports​

Pay to Play 
Will ‘Pay to play’ Become a Permanent Part of School Sports?
High Cost of Youth Sports
Should college athletes be allowed to form a union?
Economists recommend paying college athletes
Point/Counterpoint: Paying College Athletes
NCAA talks realignment, paying athletes
Let’s Not Pay College Athletes
The myth of parity
Should the NCAA pay college athletes?
It’s Time to Pay College Athletes

Total Female Emergency Room Visits by Sport
Sports Injury Statistics
Post-concussion return to learning also a tough decision
When is it safe to let kids play tackle football?
Teen girls have more sports related knee injuries
1.35 million youths a year have serious sports injuries 
Schools try to stop serious sports injuries
Sports injury statistics

Youth sports statistics
Sport statistics 2007-2010
Cheer safe stats
Injury data 
injuries, gender and sports, and mental health
NFL and NCAA pledge millions to study head trauma in young athletes
States take aim at heat stroke, other serious high school sports injuries

Getting Cut From a Sports Team: Ten Reasons to Re-Examine Cuts Below High School Varsity
Cutting in Sports​
No cut rule 

To cut or not to cut

Splitting school PE lessons by gender 'damages girls'
New report highlights gender equity gap in high school sports​
Julia Run
Erin DiMeglio 

Teaching Tolerance
Do boys and girls learn better together or apart?

Reasons for Gender Differences in Youth Sport
Injuries, gender and sports, and mental health

History of Performance enhancing drugs in sports
The future of cheating in sports
Are athletes getting faster, better, stronger? 

Stats on Sports-Related injuries

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Equality in Sports

Benefits of Competitive Sports

How Sports Benefit your Body

Cracking Down on Concussions

Why Kids Should Play Sports

Overuse Injuries in Youth Sports

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