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ASD Elementary Library Main Page: Ecosystems

Key Terms

  • Ecosystems
  • Biomes
  • Organisms
  • Symbiotic relationships
  • Food chains / webs
  • Environment
  • Producer
  • Consumer
  • Decomposer
  • Endangered
  • Extinct

Related Fiction

You might enjoy some fiction books about the earth's forces and their impact on a biome.

4th Grade Science Handouts

Online Encyclopedias

These encyclopedias have some great information about the biomes.

World Book

The World’s Ecosystems: Internet Resources

General information about the biomes

Books in Our Library

The library has several books on various bioes including these.  Check out the public resource list in the library catalog called Earth Science - 6th.

DVD Resources

Provides an overview of the habitat, describes how its seasons affect temperatures and daylight, and shows how animals are adapted for the environment. DVDs on various biomes can be checked out during this unit.