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ASD Libraries Annual Report 2014: Strategy 5

ASD Strategy Five

We will advance an effective and efficient infrastructure that supports student learning for the four learning strategies.

Check Out Time in the Elementary Library

Library Budget

The HS has the greatest  number of students in the school, and more academic resources (databases, reference books) tend to cost more, resulting in a greater amount of the K-12 budget being allocated to the HS library. 

Books are, by far, the largest expenditure for the elementary library. The Upper Elementary does have a larger percentage of the budget spent on electronic subscriptions to support research across the curriculum. 

Books are the biggest priority for the MS library, with databases having increasing importance.

2013 Endicott Staff Survey Results

% in agreement
The library has adequate resources to support my educational efforts and the collection includes books and periodicals that enhance my professional growth. 98.8%

Age of Collection

The elementary library has maintained a consistent 10 year average age of the collection for the last three years. Newer non-fiction titles at this level are not always available, therefore older titles are often kept to provide appropriately leveled curricular research materials for students.

The MS/HS library staff did a deliberate and thorough weeding of the non-fiction sections for both the MS and HS collections, which helped us reduce the average age to nine years, which is in line with best practice.

Number of Books Per Student

Next year the elementary school will be adding one more section at the grade 5 level. We were fortunate to receive a supplement to purchase extra titles allowing us to increase the number of books per student this year. Next year, with the increased enrollment, the level could drop once again, although further funding has been requested. 

Due to extensive weeding in the MSHS and a slightly increased enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year, the number of books per student dropped slightly in the MS/HS library. Additional funding was requested and granted for the 2014-2015 school year to rectify this.

Total Number of Materials

The extensive weeding of the non-fiction sections in the MS/HS library resulted in a slight decrease in the number of titles from the previous year.

Average Book Cost

Replacement of non-fiction books in the arts and reference sections of the HS library had an effect on the average book price for the MS/HS library.