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Extended Essay: Gather Info and Take Notes

Look to this guide for sources and information as you research and write your extended essay.

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Citations for the EE

Effective Notetaking

No matter what note-taking technique you use, these are important guidelines to follow:

  • Develop, modify, then stick to a strategy that works for you.
  • Read for understanding.
  • Paraphrase! (That's how you know you understand.)
  • Be able to trace every single idea in your notes to its source.
  • Write just enough - not so much that it's like reading the original all over again, not so little that you don't know what it means later.
  • Abbreviations, symbols, and diagrams are great, as long as you'll remember what they mean.

Note-taking 101

NoodleTools Notecards Tutorial


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Note-card Templates

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