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IB Economics: IB Econ - IA

Use this guide for year 1 and year 2.

Featured Economists

· Paul Krugman – New York Times
· Martin Wolf – Financial Times
· Alaina Love – Business Week
· John Sloman
· Peter Schiff
· Ludwig von Mises Institute
· Ron Paul
· Lew Rockwell
· Paul Craig Roberts
· Michael S. Rozeff

Readability Apps

If you'd like to clean up the look of the articles you submit for your IA, you might try one of these add ons:

Recommended Databases for Econ IA

From the assignment handout: "Newspaper articles tend to be shorter than magazine articles, and generally don’t have as much economic analysis, so they tend to make better sources."

Follow the instructions with these links to search database collections of newspaper sources.

IB Economics Portfolio Assignment - Links

Try some of these links to find your articles.

Word Order Matters!


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