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High School Summer Reading 2015: Your Teachers Recommend

Use this guide for inspiration on what to read this summer!

Mr. Bywater Recommends

Who do you recommend this book to?

Anyone! The book was much better than the movie!

Mr. Walsh Recommends

Fantastic characterization and a wonderful tale of humanity. A Canadian 100 Years of Solitude.

Mr. Walsh Recommends

A great tale of the haves vs. the have nots. Fun to root for the underdog and there is a good amount of dark humor. Great film adaptation directed by Robert Redford.

Mr. Hamlin Recommends

This is the first (now placed as fourth in the series) of a long series of fantasy books written by R. A. Salvatore that are simply captivating. I've read his works for years and have few complaints. There are lots of plot twists and jaw dropping edge of your seat moments throughout the Forgotten Realms series.

This fiction series will suit those who have interest in exciting books like JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Ring series; high-fantasy and mild violence. They're cheap and all available on Kindle.

Ms. Bastedo Recommends

Ms. Ritter Recommends

Who would you recommend this book to?

Anyone who likes good fiction and is interested in climate change themes.

Mrs. Barnes Recommends

It's a fabulously entertaining book - I'd recommend it to anyone with a bot of time on their hands as it's a long one! Mr. Barnes enjoyed it just as much as I did, so did my Mum, and so did my brother - so that covers a big ol tonne of people who might love it just as much!

Mr. Tiedeman Recommends

Although non-fiction, this reads like a thriller. All interested in the intersection of faith, politics, and international relations in the Middle East will enjoy this. It also provides a fascinating glimpse into the tenuous partnership between the Saudi royal family and the religious establishment that dates back to the founding of the nation.

Mr. Carpenter Recommends

It's well written with good characters, great descriptions of the era and excellent writing about the team. It's excellent popular non-fiction, particularly if you like history, sports or politics.

Ms. Cayford Recommends

I enthusiastically recommend this book for several reasons:

1. Students at ASD rarely have the opportunity to read memoir and its a genre that deserves more attention as sometimes fact is stranger than fiction. This memoir is very well written AND its a gripping story.

2. Cambodia celebrates an important anniversary this year: 40 years since the fall of the Khmer Rouge. Know something about this dark period in Cambodia's past, especially if you have been to Cambodia as a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or as a tourist (or you plan to visit one day).

3. I am moving to Cambodia to teach at the International School of Phnom Penh!
(Okay , that is not a compelling reason to read the memoir - but it is worthy on its own merit)

Mr. Shantz Recommends

It is a great story on its own and even better if you have ever been to Toronto or are planning to visit. Ondaatje is a beautiful writer who does detailed research that comes through in his story.

Mr. Genest Recommends

If you enjoy science fiction or have ever watched one of the Star Trek iterations you will see lots of connections in this book to characters and events in the TV series. Be prepared for a sci-fi mystery will full of ironic humor.

Mr. Sage Recommends

Who should read this?

Anyone interested or intrigued by history and how random or small events and incidents can merge together to create a complicated story. In a sense it is kind of a mystery novel with a literature forensic twist.

Mr. Sage Recommends

A great connection to the classic novel "Heart of Darkness". Anyone who enjoyed that will enjoy another story of insanity, greed, power, and human frailty.

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