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ASD Libraries Annual Report 2016: Strategy 3

ASD Strategy Three

We will foster the social, emotional, and physical development of our students and adults through positive school culture, engaging programs, and inclusive opportunities for understanding the world in which we live.

Elementary Library Programs

The elementary library, even with its limitations due to our temporary location, is still the place to be at ASD!  We see great numbers of students coming to use the library before school, during recesses, and after school.

The students using the library are passionate about reading, exploring new titles, and sharing favorites with friends. Classes, small groups, parents, tutors, as well as teachers use the library weekly. During recess, we have a steady influx of students who share books with friends, read quietly, play a game together, and once supplies were put out, began to use the area as a mini Makerspace.  

Elementary Programs

  • The Battle of the Books is a reading incentive program for 4th and 5th grade students. Teams of students read the list of ten selected books, preparing for the widely anticipated battles in November and December. The culminating battle keeps everyone in suspense! The list for the 2016-2017 BOB battle is available on the library web page.
  • "Read for the Fun of It!" was the theme for this year's Reading Week held in the month of  February.  During this month, teachers and volunteers shared their love of books with students by visiting classrooms to read stories. The fun filled week also included activities such as creating book marks with the theme, dressing up as a book character, and identifying the book from which a snippet came.
  • Poetry month, held in April to correspond to the U.S.s' national poetry month, is always a big hit in the library.  We had a large number of students who came to the library to share their favorite poem, or a poem they wrote, at our poetry jams. The stage had lights, a microphone and a lot of students and teachers sharing their love of poetry.

  • This year our summer reading program will be based on the theme, Dragon Dreams and Daring Deeds.  We hope to encourage even more students and families to spend their summer reading.  If you look at our library webpage under Suggested Reading, you will find links to books based on the theme for the summer, recommended reading lists, award winning titles, and so much more.


Comment from UE student survey

The library is my most favorite place to be. It's inviting, comfortable, enjoyable, and an overall great place to be.

One Book, One Community

ASD once again participated in One Book, One Community with the financial support of the PTA.  This year the ASD community enjoyed The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman.
Students participated in shared reading, had conversations with friends, classmates and teachers, and enjoyed a common book. Parents and teachers met for a book discussion one morning and we ended One Book One Community this year with an evening culminating activity, held in the MS/HS library. Students, teachers and parents came together and participated in activities that celebrated Neil Gaiman's book. We danced the macabre, created a creepy edible craft, participated in discussions about the book. It was a great time where we could share and celebrate a love of reading.



Picture Book and Graphic Novel Usage

Picture books and graphic novels have continued to see a surge in popularity over the past year. With a collection of over 350 titles to choose from, Middle School teachers are encouraging students to choose picture books as an alternative to chapter books for personal reading. With many interesting, age appropriate books available, circulation has risen by more than 250%!


Graphic novels continue to be popular among MSHS students. With old favorites and new finds making our graphic novel collection appealing, teachers and parents are beginning to accept graphic novels as an enjoyable, enriching reading experience. Consequently, circulation has increased by over 150%!



Most Circulated Graphic Novel and Picture Book

From the 2016 Senior Exit Survey

Think about one time in your ASD career when the school library really helped you. Write about the help that you got, and what you were able to do because of it.

  • Last year when I was studying for multiple AP exams the library provided a quiet place where I could study and collaborate with my classmates/friends. Because of the environment I was able to maximize my studying.
  • It's a fantastic place to study for long periods of time, and you guys do a really good job of keeping it quiet so we can focus. People studying in the library is an underused resource.
  • The library offered me an opportunity and a space in order to do work that I was not able to finish at home, or did not have time to finish. As I went through high school I found myself spending more time there.

Author Visit - Tayyaba Sayed

This past year, American School of Doha was fortunate to host visiting author, Tayyeba Syed.  Her books, "Jannah Jewels," highlight strong female characters and encourages readers to maintain a sense of curiosity and continued pride in their Muslim heritage.  Tayebba Syed met with Grade 7 students and spoke about writing what you know.  Students enjoyed listening to her presentation and appreciated her invaluable advice.

From the high school student surveys

Please give one specific example of when the ASD library helped you.

  • Helped me find a book to read.
  • I did not know what kind of book to read; the assistance that helped me find the right book for me.
  • The ASD library helped me when I was looking for books to read during spring break. With the recommendations of Ms. Hoiseth, I found a lot of good books to read over the break.
  • It allowed me to read more books. Thank you for this service. You have been a great blessing upon me.
  • Whenever I need a new book to read, they recommend books that I might like.
Percent of students in agreement:
The ASD library has helped me enjoy reading more. 76
The ASD library has helped me read more. 76
The ASD library has helped me discover interesting topics other than my school work. 84


From the Endicott Survey - Elementary School

  • Nurturing with a compassionate demeanor and enthusiastic practice, gave my students support and guidance for their varied, learning needs.
  • The librarian is always very flexible; if my students miss the library class she always lets them come at a different time to check out books.
  • KNOWING HOW to nurture our youngest learners as their skills, knowledge, and understanding develop.

Spine Label Poetry

spine label poetryTo celebrate poetry month and library week, the MSHS library sponsored a spine label poetry contest. Students (and teachers) were invited to create poems with the titles of books. and leave them on display. We had some very fantastic and thought-provoking poetry!

Stress Release


The MSHS library has set up tables for the students to color when they need a break. It's been amazing to see the number of students - boys and girls of all ages - who take a few minutes out of their day to relax and color. The HS coloring table was especially popular during AP and IB exams. When the coloring sheet is full, students are quick to remind us to set out another one.

From the 2nd Grade End of Division Survey

  • The library really helped me when I really wanted a book, and I couldn't find it - they found it for me.
  • The library helped me when they ordered a book I really wanted that they didn't have.

Elementary Library Circulation

Elementary students are readers! By the time summer ends, our students are just waiting for school to start so they can return their  summer books and check out some fresh titles. It's not unusual to have parents dropping off books ahead of time so that their child can get some more books on the first day of school. With a circulation of close to 90,000 books checked out in a year, you know the library is the place to be.




Elementary students are readers! It’s not unusual at all to find students sitting in the library, reading books, during classes as well as at recess time. Our fiction collection is now sorted by genre, including Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery and Historical Fiction. The new divisions have proven extremely popular with the students. It will be interesting to observe patterns of student checkouts over the next year.



2015 Endicott Student Survey Results


  % in agreement
The library staff is helpful to students. 96.3
I can find what I need in the library easily. 91.5
I have been taught how to use the library. 88.5

From the Middle School Student Survey

  • Last year when I felt lonely or just not very happy, I would go to the library and just sit down in between the book cases and write in my journal or read a book.  It made me a bit happier knowing that I had some place to go when I felt lonely or depressed.  The books were like my old friends.
  • The school library really helped me one time when I had a project to work on and I needed a quiet place to work.
  • The ASD library in general is a nice place to come for anything.  It is quiet, the librarians are helpful and friendly, and there are plenty of things to do there besides reading if you aren't in the mood.

Number of Titles by Subject

For pleasure reading, fiction is the most popular and largest collection area in both libraries. We work to maintain a balanced collection for non-fiction, with emphasis placed on curricular needs.  



MS HS Circulation


Fiction circulates more than non-fiction for individual reading. Often non-fiction that is used for a research project is checked out to the class for the length of the unit, and then several students will use it each day during the project.

It's natural for the number of titles read to decrease as the students read longer, more complicated texts and experience more homework demands, but we continue to encourage pleasure reading for high school students. English 9 and English 10 assigned independent reading for their students, which helped those circulation numbers.



Summer Reading

The libraries publish summer reading lists via Libguides (see below) and encourage students who will be in Doha for some or all of the summer to check out library books. Reading lists include suggestions from teachers, students, and national reading lists. This year MSHS students checked out over 1200 books for the summer, and ES students checked out over 2200 for the summer.

Visiting Authors

Niall de BurcaIrish storyteller Niall de Burca visited ASD for one day and entertained students in all 4 divisions. Niall's stories sometimes taught a lesson and sometimes were just for fun. The students and teachers loved him.




Our PTA-sponsored visiting authors, Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann, were unable to make it this year due to a sudden illness. We are pleased to have been able to schedule them for next year.