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ASD Libraries Annual Report 2016: Strategy 4

ASD Strategy Four

We will develop and maintain strong partnerships with the Qatari and global community to ensure great opportunities for students and to support delivery of the ASD Mission. 

Mahmoud Abdulaziz Visit

Local author and ASD parent Abdulaziz Mahmoud spoke to parents and faculty in the library about his latest book The Holy Sail. The Holy Sail "brings to life events from the turn of the 15th century when the countries of the Gulf region had to face the Portuguese fleet which came to take control of the spice trade in the region." Mr. Mahmoud spoke of his inspiration for the novel and told us about the research required to write about a time period that is not well documented. We appreciate his time and look forward to hearing about his next book!

Arab Mothers Association

The Arab Mother's Association once again sponsored a wonderful Arabic book sale, showcasing quality Arabic books for children. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to add a number of books written by the visiting Arabic author, Taghreed Najjar. At last count, she has written 48 children's books that focus on children's pretend play and imagination.


Qatar Reads

Qatar Reads works with various schools in Doha, to promote literacy and 21st century skills. The Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) workshops, held twice a year, provide professional development, in both Arabic and English, to the teachers in Qatar. Our librarians support the project as members of the Qatar Reads executive board, organizers, and presenters at the TTT's. Our final TTT Workshop this year included Arabic authors Noura Al Noman, YA science fiction author, as well as Ali Ezzeddine, author of numerous books for the elementary students. Representatives from the Qatar National Library a well as Scholastic presented to our large and varied teacher audience.

Working with Local Libraries



Our relationship with Qatar National Library continues to grow, with the number of databases available to us for free increasing again this year. In addition, QNL has made it easier to register parents and now made it possible to register students, so even more ASD community members became QNL patrons.

The ASD High School Library continued to enjoy an Inter-Library-Loan partnership with Georgetown School of Foreign Service Library in Qatar. This offers ASD students, particularly IB students, the opportunity to borrow books from the SFS Library for short term research assignments. We had several IB students this year take advantage of the partnership again this year, with 22 inter-library loan exchanges.


Collaboration with Qatar School Librarians

ASD's Librarians belong to an active group of Qatar School Librarians. Meetings occur monthly, hosted by schools around Qatar. As a group we are able to share about issues unique to libraries and librarianship in Qatar, as well as share program ideas and successes. During our hosting we shared our un-deweying and genrefication efforts, Libguides, One Book One Community, and positive librarian and teacher relationships. Communication with the group continues via email throughout the year. We have also hosted Librarians from Gulf English School, International School of London, and Dukhan English School.  

Books about Qatar and the Region