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ASD Libraries Annual Report 2016: Strategy 5

ASD Strategy Five

We will advance an effective and efficient infrastructure which supports student learning, facilitates professional staff growth, and encourages community involvement.

Reading in our temporary "Caferary"

Library Budget

For both libraries, books are by far the greatest expenditure. For the majority of our patrons, the ASD libraries provide the best access to books in English, and we strive to maintain a well-stocked, up-to-date collection. 

The high school is the division with the greatest number of students, and high school books and databases are more expensive than those for the other divisions (see the Average Book Cost box), so the high school uses a greater percentage of the library budget than the other three. 

The elementary library spends a greater percentage of their budget on books than the MSHS library.

The MSHS library spends a greater percentage of the budget on electronic subscriptions (databases) than the ES library.

From the HS Student Survey

When I use library resources (digital or print) to help me with an assignment, I find what I need:

-always 23%

-most of the time 70%


From the 2016 Senior Exit Survey

Think about one time in your ASD career when the school library really helped you. Write about the help that you got, and what you were able to do because of it.

  • The library resources really helped the research process for senior seminar. The databases, as well as the book they had, made the process much easier. The library staff is also very helpful in finding resources and giving recommendations.
  • It was a space in which I could solely focus on my studies. The amount of resources available is simply amazing and I'm truly grateful.


Libguides provide research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources for students on a variety of subjects. Libguides can be created for specific class assignments and can be used as a starting point for research.  ASD currently has 105 Libguides that have been viewed over 94300 times this year!  Our most popular guides include Current Events, A to Z Databases, Global Issues, and Global Politics.



2015 Endicott Staff Survey Results

% in agreement
The library has adequate resources to support my educational efforts and the collection includes books and periodicals that enhance my professional growth. 98.8%

Age of Collection

Our goal is to never have a library collection that is more than ten years old, and we've been consistent the past few years on achieving that standard.

Average Book Cost

These figures were calculated from the most recent book order from the United States. There was a .67% increase in the average book cost from the previous school year.

Number of Books Per Student - New MSHS graph

The standard for the elementary library is a minimum of 25 books per student, and for the MSHS library it is 20 books per student. Because of the additional section added to grade 5 for the 2014-15 school year and the anticipated increase in enrollment in the MSHS, we received a supplement to purchase extra titles to maintain the age and size of the collection.

Total Number of Materials


Georgetown Qatar Library

Georgetown Qatar logo Thanks to our inter-library loan agreement with Georgetown University - Qatar, many of our high school students were able to borrow print resources to help with their extended essays or senior seminar papers. This year we borrowed 20 titles which were incredibly helpful.

Questions about anything in this report?

If you'd like more information about anything in this report, please contact:

Linda Hoiseth, HS teacher-librarian,

Lauren Elliott, MS teacher-librarian,

Karen Genest, UES teacher-librarian,

Cindy Wright, LES teacher librarian, 

Melanie Murray, library coordinator,