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Wellness: Faculty Wellness

This guide is to share information gathered by ASD's Wellness Committee.



Faculty Wellness Opportunities

As one part of the HS Wellness Initiative, Trevor Dufresne has generously offered 20 minutes of his Tuesdays henceforth for staff to meet in the fitness room and loosen up before meetings.  If you want to stretch out the body in preparation for sitting in a couple hours of meetings, come to the fitness room on Tuesdays from 12:45- 1:05 pm
What it will look like:

-a relaxing 20 minute guided session, with an slight emphasis on the legs /  lower back region, since we will be sitting during the afternoon.  
-you do not need to change your clothes
- no prior experience or any skill level is needed. 

Come enjoy some relaxing time with physical benefits between the hustle and bustle of teaching and meetings