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Government: Theocracy

Use this guide for grade 7 social studies

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Country Reports requires a user name and password even at school.  Use the standard ASD database user name and password.

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Britannica Online

Use this link to access Britannica from home.  Then use the usual ASD password.

EBSCO Explora Middle School

You will need to login with username and password if you are using from home.

Use Advanced Search to search by reading / grade level.
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SIRS Discoverer

This resource is shared with us from Qatar National Library and is only available at school. 

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Search Issues & Controversies

This database will help you find information on topics that are controversial. Articles found here will present all sides of the issue. 

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WebPath Express

Use Webpath Express to find teacher-recommended websites through the Destiny library catolog.


ImageQuest - Encyclopedia Britannica

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