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Fused Glass Art: Syllabus

Use this guide for Fused Glass Art.

Course Description

This is a semester-long course during which students will learn the art of glasswork. Students will be using tools and a kiln to create glass artwork. The first week is going to be spent going over safety procedures and proper use of tools for this class. Please make sure you have close-toed shoes to wear during the class. You can wear tennis shoes from P.E. class. For safety reasons, you cannot work with glass if you do not bring the appropriate shoes.

Fused glass is a term used to describe glass that has been fired or heat processed in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. Students will explore the basics of cutting, designing, fusing and slumping glass in a kiln. Fused glass can be used to make jewelry, decorative tiles and functional or sculptural objects such as bowls, plates, and frames, etc.

Materials Needed

Sketchbook Expectations

  • Work must be in chronological order. Do not skip pages unless instructed to do so.
  • You must use the front and back of pages
  • Every loose paper entry MUST BE GLUED if you want a grade!
  • All work must have a title and a date
  • Label sources of the images you find (images of art)


ASD’s standards are meant to prepare students to be productive citizens in a rapidly changing world that demands critical thinking and problem solving. They help students know what is expected of them by providing clear, defined learning targets.

Sketchbook: Includes any brainstorming, research, designing, planning you do prior to beginning an actual project. Written evaluations or critiques may be included in Sketchbook work.

Classroom Expectations

  • Students are to arrive on time and prepared with supplies; Planner, sketchbook, pencil and any other supplies needed for that day.
  • Students must abide by school rules during class.
  • Students may not have iPods or cell phones in class for any reason.
  • Students must dress appropriately.
  • Students must speak English during class.
  • Unconditional respect is key to a successful classroom environment.
  • Students must be neat and orderly with their workspace and supplies.