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High School Summer Reading 2016: Students and Teachers Recommend

What should you read this summer? Use this guide for ideas!

Non-Fiction and Biography


I feel like it is very interesting and it has a very big fan group.

Alicia Brown

Historical Fiction

Chains follows the story of a slave girl during the American Revolution. The main character struggles to free herself and her sister using any means possible and discovers, along the way, certain freedoms that no one can take away.

Chains is a story of freedom and individuality and empowerment-- I grew to know the characters and relate to them in ways that were deeper than their social standing or occupation, but rather who they were and what they stood for. - Sara Lowe




For AP Lang

Realistic Fiction

Science Fiction

I have never quite seen anything like it. The clash of biology and technology really makes an interesting storyline. It remains my favorite series ever.

William Orfanakos