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Use this guide for Ms. Beck's Global Politics class.

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Qatar Tribune

The Peninsula Qatar

Google Search Tips - Countries

To find websites and articles originating from a certain country, do a Google Advanced Search and in the domain field enter the country code.

Israel .il
Jordan .jo
Egypt .eg
Syria .sy
Qatar .qa
Saudia Arabia .sa

Once you get your results, use the Search Tools menu and narrow the results by date, if you'd like. Also, don't forget to choose the News tab.


Want to know what news is big news right now? Newsmap takes the results from Google News and makes a visual representation of the numbers of stories on a topic. The bigger the box, the more stories. Compare the results between countries. Click on the box to read some of the stories about the event.

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OPVL Practice

There are two types of source evaluation:

Should I use this source?

  • Is it reliable?
  • Does it meet my needs?

Now that I've decided to use this source:

  • What case can I make for its values and limitations based on its origin and purpose?

Doha News


Al Jazeera English


CNN Top Stories


BBC News - World


New York Times