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English 12: Home

How to determine the value of a source:



Who wrote or produced this? What organization sponsored this? What do you know about them? What can you find out about them?




What is the purpose of this? Is the bias obvious? How can you tell? Can you use it anyway, and find something with a counter bias?




Is this the information you’re looking for? Fact check. Does this content appear elsewhere? Does it match with what you already know?




Is the information up to date? For this topic, does it matter?




What do you think? Should you use this source ? Why or why not? What, if any, additional information would you need to get a balanced picture?

How to find quality examples:


Short Story

The library has a great short story collection. Ask any of the library staff to help you find them.

Multimedia (Collage)

Human Interest Piece

Venngage - Infographics

If you decide to create an infographic for your presentation, you are strongly encouraged to use Venngage. Create a free premium account with your ASD email address.

Be sure to use the settings (gear) symbol in the upper right corner to set your page size before you begin!

How to find quality examples:

Short film: 


The library has a huge collection of art books in the 700s section of the library. Spend a few minutes browsing!

Graphic Design Image

Political Cartoon

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