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Summer Reading - Middle School: ASD MS Students Recommend

Use this guide to find summer reading ideas & recommendations!

Other recommendations

Recommended Fiction

Recommended by J.W., "It was a great thrill and a real happiness came on every page. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a relaxing fun book and likes reading a lot."

Recommended by S.W., "It tells the story about someone who's different and is also very interesting."

Recommended by A.A., "I like that it's based on history..."

Recommended by F.H., "... it's interesting."

Recommended by S.S., "Like lots of Gordon Korman's books, it is mixed with lots of story, interesting characters and an extra mix of comedy! The storyline is great, not getting repetitive, and you begin to like the main character, even if he can be kind of annoying."

Recommended Graphic Novels or Comics

Recommended by J.M., "I have been wanting to read this book all year..."

Series Recommendations

Recommended by Y.S., "This book consists of suspense, romance, and action, with a touch of horror, which I love so much about this book.

Recommended by T. C., "...the writing is fantastic for someone that young (he started writing the first book when he was 16), but trust me he is much better than other authors. His smoothness with the flow of the story, the entire thing is made easy to understand with a map, the settings are breathtaking if you allow yourself to fall into the pages of the book, and there is real emotion. There is depth, pain, humour, and beauty to this book, and I recommend it to anyone who has the patience to go through 2500 pages of brilliance this 4-book series has to offer."

Recommended by A.W., "I love everything about it! The characters, the plot, the romance, the adventure, EVERYTHING! It's one of my favorite series that I've read."

Recommended by N.R., "It is adventure and fantasy which are my favorite genres for a book. They are about trust, friendship and perseverance."

Recommended by S.S., "I like this book because the characters are realistic and complex. Also, I feel excited to know choices characters make!"

Recommended by G.B., "...this book has many interesting twists and turns."