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Summer Reading - Middle School: ASD MS Students Recommend

Use this guide to find summer reading ideas & recommendations!

Other recommendations

Recommended Fiction

Recommended by Y.S., "I liked the author's writing style. It made me want to read, since as a person who isn't used to reading this many books in a year, this book makes me feel like there is not much to read, even though there is a lot to uncover about the story. It is relatable, it is funny, it is filled with emotions. That is why I love it."

Recommended by Z.M., "I love this book so much because of how likeable and unique the characters are. Especially how this story is told in so many perspectives, and hidden messages RJ Palacio hides for you to learn."

Recommended by A.M., "I love this book because it has a lot of emotions involved with it. You get a deep look into a the boy's point of view and the detail in the book makes it so much more emotional."

Recommended Graphic Novels or Comics

No student recommendations at this time.

Series Recommendations

Recommended by J.H., "I like this book because there is a lot of adventure in it, and I like adventure books. Also, the book has a unique type of magic that the characters use, which is interesting to read about."

Recommended by...

P.N., "I like this series because I love adventurous books. This was probably the best series that I have ever read! "

C.J. "I like this book because there is so much action and so many things going on in the book and it's so mysterious. For the whole book you have this one big question and it's only answered at the end (probably by Dumbledore.)"

Recommended by E.P., "I like this book because it is mystery and mystery is my favorite book series. And it is soo exciting and fun."

Recommended by...

Y.K., "I like this book because it always has a cliffhanger at the end of most chapters and especially at the end of the book. It makes you wanna beg your parents to go to the library and grab it right away!"

K.S. "I like this book because it takes place on our world basted off of rumors and legends in our world. I also love how I am able to see it and be with the book. Best part you can imagine it all in your head in the way you want."

Recommended by N.A., "It's a fun book about mysteries, which you can solve with the characters too as you progress with the book. There are hidden meanings and you kind of feel like an investigator. The book in general just surprises you when you least expect it."

Recommended by R.B., "It was really cool and fun and has a full series. It even has a Netflix series that has 3 seasons and adding on to that, there is an Official 20m mini-movie of the Last Kids on Earth in Netflix called Happy Apocalypse to you where you get to make the story!"

Recommended by K.F., "I like how the series is based on Greek mythology, and each book was so intriguing, I couldn't stop reading! I also like the humor in the books."

Recommended by V.B., "I enjoy the layout of the book and the story overall is entertaining for me."

Recommended by R.A., "I love this series; the best books I've ever read."

Recommended by A.C., "This book is very entertaining, and it has short chapters, to make you read on."

Recommended by A.E., "It's a great book to read if you are feeling too happy."

Recommended by S.K., "I love its style."