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Summer Reading - Middle School: ASD MS Teachers Recommend

Use this guide to find summer reading ideas & recommendations!

Ms. Hagadone Recommends

Ms Boisaubin Recommends

Ms Boisaubin says "I was so pleased to see that Wolf Hollow was selected as a 2017 Newbery Honor book. I particularly loved the characters of Annabelle and Toby and the fact that this story doesn't shy away from difficult issues. It's definitely not a light story, but a tense and beautiful one that I couldn't stop reading. Annabelle shows readers the importance of compassion and standing up against injustice."

Mr. Mitchell recommends

Mr. Mitchell says, "I was pretty much obsessed with the "Brian Saga books" when I was in Middle School." Try out these books about adventure and survival. 

Mrs. Elliott Recommends

I love ANYTHING by Raina Tegemeier! Her newest book "Ghosts" doesn't disappoint. I couldn't put it down! Love her style of illustrations, and this story had me hooked. 

Ms. Houston Recommends

Ms Houston says "It's a great look into American history with some very interesting stories that the textbooks don't always tell you!"

Ms Houston says "Meet the family Romanov and Rasputin like you have never seen them before!"

Ms Houston says "Great for history lovers and someone interested in more than just U.S. history."