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Summer Reading - Middle School: Middle School Summer Reading 2017

Use this guide to find summer reading ideas & recommendations!

Why Read in the Summer?

Avoid the "Summer Slide"! 

You should try to find time to read each and every day. Research shows students who read during the summer improve or maintain their reading skills. Kids who don't read at all see their skills slip as much as an entire grade level (Heyns 1978). 

 What can we read?

  • Award winners, suggestions from teachers or friends
  • Magazines, Newspapers, Your favourite blog
  • Comic books, whatever you like! 

This Libguide includes suggestions only and books are not required reading. You'll find teacher and student recommendations, award winners and just great reads! 

It doesn’t really matter what you read or where you read – just be sure to read every day! 

2017/2018 Visiting Author


Steve Jenkins is a children's book author and illustrator. He was awarded the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Nonfiction for The Top of the World: Climbing Mount Everest. In his acceptance speech, Jenkins commented, "In my books, I try to present straightforward information in a context that makes sense to children. Children don't need anyone to give them a sense of wonder; they already have that. But they do need a way to incorporate the various bits and pieces of knowledge they acquire into some logical picture of the world. For me, science provides the most elegant and satisfying way to construct this picture."

Summer Reading Poll

What will you read this summer?
Fiction: 39 votes (75%)
Comics: 2 votes (3.85%)
News or Magazines: 1 votes (1.92%)
Non-Fiction: 1 votes (1.92%)
Online reading: 5 votes (9.62%)
Other!: 4 votes (7.69%)
Total Votes: 52

Graphic Novel Greats!

Picture Books

Great Fiction Reads

Fantasy Fiction

Online Audio Books

Audio books are a great way to read during the summer.
This site offers a FREE audio book each week of the summer. Download and enjoy! 

2017 Award Winners!

Summer Reading Poll

Where do you love to read in the summer?
At the beach: 4 votes (8.7%)
On the couch: 22 votes (47.83%)
While traveling: 7 votes (15.22%)
At your public library: 1 votes (2.17%)
Other!: 12 votes (26.09%)
Total Votes: 46

Popular Non-Fiction

Mysteries & Detective Reads

More Spooky Reads

Historical Fiction

Middle School Librarian