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ASD Libraries Annual Report 2017: Strategy 1

ASD Strategy 1: We will challenge our students to become positive, active, global citizens who, inspired by their understanding of global issues, become agents of positive change to improve our world.

Used Book Sales 2017


Every year the ASD libraries host used book sales to raise money for a library in a developing country. The books come from donations and library discards and cover a wide range of interests and genres For every three books donated, students or parents receive a coupon for one free book from the sale. Our cleaning and security staff at ASD are also invited to take a free book. Any remaining books are donated to other schools in the area or to other nonprofit organizations. This year the libraries earned over 9000 QR on the used book sales and collected over 450 coupons.

We donated $2100 to the CHIRAG School in India to purchase some laptops for their students to use. Located in the picturesque Kumaon Hills, the CHIRAG School's main goal is to demonstrate that quality education for rural children can be provided at an affordable cost.


We are also awaiting word from the Learning Centre in Nagarkot, Nepal. The school provides before and after school programming for approximately 150 profoundly disadvantaged children. The library room was destroyed by the earthquake, and when they are ready we will make donations to support the building of a new library. 

New Books in the Library Promoting Global Citizenship

Peace Week Display

From the Middle School Student Survey

"I really feel like the staff is very helpful and always available, there is never too much line, and the staff always do their best to help and they are really effective."

US Presidential Election 2016

On Nov. 9, 2016, the MSHS Library became a hub for students and teachers to witness the 2016 Presidential election.  Students and teachers engaged with one another on the subjects of politics, cultural diversity, and global issues, and emphasized the importance of being active, engaged citizens in their communities.

From the 2017 Senior Exit Survey

Think about one time in your ASD career when the school library really helped you. Write about the help that you got, and what you were able to do because of it.

I was greatly assisted by the ASD library when I was compiling credible sources for the completion of my extended essay. As the topic was complex, and one which exceeded the normal standard of learning for high school students, the library's ability to provide me university level material greatly aided with the completion of my essay. The libguides were especially useful as well as Mrs. Hoiseth in particular. The resources they provided me helped improve the credibility and academic level of my essay.

Ethical Use of Information

Students continue to practice the ethical use of information with the help of Noodle Tools and Turn-It-In.  Noodle Tools helps students in fifth through twelfth grade keep track of, organize, and cite their research, creating bibliographies using MLA (ASD's preferred citation style).  

Turn-It-In helps hold students accountable for their work by encouraging originality of thoughts and expression.  Assignments submitted to Turn-It-In are assessed for similarities, and teachers are able to track the ongoing progress of each student.



ASD Library Mission:

The ASD libraries are committed to the intellectual and personal development of our students

by empowering them to be ethical users of information, critical thinkers, and lifelong readers.