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IB History: Home

The resources in this guide will help students with their IB History research.

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Recommended Databases

These databases will be especially useful for history research.

Scholarly vs Popular Articles

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Researching History

Start by doing background reading on the topic that intersts you. 

  • Encyclopedias are a great place to start. ASD  has many subject specific encyclopedias for your use.
  • Using books - when starting your reseach check the Table of Contents to determine if your topic is included or use the index to find the pages that contain specific information you are looking for.

Popular Magazines

Are you looking for ideas? Browse through these popular history magzines!

Effective Notetaking

No matter what note-taking technique you use, these are important guidelines to follow:

  • Develop, modify, then stick to a strategy that works for you.
  • Read for understanding.
  • Paraphrase! (That's how you know you understand.)
  • Be able to trace every single idea in your notes to its source.
  • Write just enough - not so much that it's like reading the original all over again, not so little that you don't know what it means later.
  • Abbreviations, symbols, and diagrams are great, as long as you'll remember what they mean.

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