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Global Issues - SS Grade 7: Home

Use this guide for 7th grade social studies.


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Related Fiction

Deborah Ellis is one of many authors who writes fantastic books about issues that relate to children all over the globe.  Consider finding a fiction book related to the issue you are studying.


Once you choose your issue and region, you'll need to search for additional websites.  These sites might help you choose an issue and region and give you information on the issue you choose.

Destiny Library Catalog

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Use the government and history sections to find what you need.

Country Reports Search

Country Reports requires a user name and password even at school.  Use the standard ASD database user name and password.

World Book Student Search

Britannica Online

Use this link to access Britannica from home.  Then use the usual ASD password.

Search Modern World History Online

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer

Research Tools


Books in Our Library

The library has several books on sustainability.  Check out the resource list in the library catalog called Global Issues - Sustainability.

Recommended Websites

Use Webpath Express to find teacher-recommended websites through the Destiny library catolog.

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