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ASD Libraries Annual Report 2017: Strategy 4

We will develop and maintain strong partnerships with the Qatari and global community to ensure great opportunities for students and to support delivery of the ASD Mission. 

ASD Celebrates World Book Day

Arab Mothers Association

The Arab Mother's Association sponsored their wonderful annual Arabic book sale, showcasing quality Arabic books for children. In collaboration with the librarian, a number of Arabic books were selected and added to the foreign language section of the elementary library. Middle and High school appreciated a donation of several Arabic Language titles, selected by the AMA members,  to add to their collection.

Working with Local Libraries

ASD enjoys a strong relationship Qatar National Library, with a number of databases available to students and teachers for free from campus. High school students looking for data for their extended essays and senior seminar papers often request access to articles that are available from QNL. ASD librarians help students, parents, and teachers register for personal QNL memberships so they can access resources from home as well. 

From the 2017 Senior Exit Survey: Think about one time in your time at ASD when the school library really helped you. Write about the help that you got, and what you were able to do because of it.

"The reference texts helped me out a lot, because I used them for a lot of projects. They also helped me access the QNL, which helped just as much as the ASD library."

"The library really helped me with setting up my QNL account, which i have used in numerous occasions for research. It has been invaluable in these last 2 years."

Collaboration with Qatar School Librarians

ASD Librarians belong to an active group of School Librarians from around Qatar. Meetings occur monthly, hosted by schools around the country. We appreciate the opportunity to share and learn from one another on issues unique to international and Qatar school librarianship. We share programming ideas, challenges and successes. ASD Librarians share about positive librarian and teacher relationships, Libguides, school book fairs, information literacy lesson ideas and library management. Communication with the group continues via email throughout the year. We have also hosted librarian visits from Aspire Academy, Qatar Finland School, Awsaj School, and Vision International School. 

Qatar Reads

Qatar Reads is an organization that promotes literacy in Qatar. The goal is to share professional expertise, to promote literacy and 21st century skills, and provide valuable learning opportunities to teachers from around Qatar. The Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) workshops, held twice a year, provide professional development, in both Arabic and English, to the teachers in Qatar. Our librarians support the project as members of the Qatar Reads executive board, organizers, and presenters at the TTT's.  This year Qatar Reads hosted author Margriet Ruurs, who presented to students at five schools over her two week stay.  Ms. Ruurs ALSO presented to teachers from numerous schools at the first TTT Workshop. 

ASD Library Mission:

The ASD libraries are committed to the intellectual and personal development of our students

by empowering them to be ethical users of information, critical thinkers, and lifelong readers.