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Summer Reading - Middle School: ASD MS Teachers Recommend

Use this guide to find summer reading ideas & recommendations!

Great Non-Fiction

Recommended by Mr Hoiseth: "Great for Grade 8 who enjoy History."

More Great Fiction

Recommended by Mrs Robertson: "Kids who want an easy read would enjoy this book, and appreciate a few laughs and smiles while reading."

For Gr. 8 and older

Recommended by Mrs. Jones: This is a powerful novel about a young girl who is witness to the shooting of her friend by a police officer. What I liked about the book is that it explores so many themes that are not only important, but very current.  I recommend this book because there are so many ideas and issues presented that we grapple with everyday. The novel has mature themes and some use of profanity, so it would appeal to a more mature reader.

Great Fiction

Recommended by Mrs Franks: "This series is full of action and adventure. It's an interesting take on what the future of earth could look like and how power dynamics could change as technology advances. At first, I thought the incorporation of familiar fairytale characters (Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White) would be cheesy, but it wasn't! If you like fantasy, the future, courageous characters, political relations, and social equality, you'll love this series!"

Recommended by Mrs Robertson: "Very fun and interesting read, well paced and realistic interaction between siblings. Easy to read because it was well written and not a complex story."

Award Winning Fiction

Recommended by Mrs Olsen: "This is a fairly intellectual book, probably best appreciated by advanced readers. It seems to be an indictment on modern life and the pursuit of money and meaning. Sadly, the author Toole committed suicide, but was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1981."